We solve the small things before they cascade into BIG problems.

Intelligent Locations offers low-cost technology and data analytics that are essential to understanding trends in spending and informing future decision-making.

Operational inefficiencies have a way of proliferating across a health system. Our end-to-end, cloud-based, IoT solution provides the actionable data needed to drive operational change.

Through accurate, reliable tracking of equipment, people, entryways, environmental conditions and more, we do more than help health systems address one or two problems of inefficiency: We provide them with a true understanding of their utilization of assets and give them real time access to data to optimize patient flow and unplug the bottlenecks that delay care.

Using artificial intelligence and predictive modeling, we provide invaluable insight to guide future purchasing and strategic planning. Our wayfinding and patient tracking apps reduce family and patient stress, paving the way for smoother, more efficient communications and a better overall hospital experience.

Perhaps most importantly, once healthcare executives grasp the flexibility of this new solution, the use cases quickly multiply.

Watch the video for a quick overview

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KPIs are tracked in real time, with additional insight available from our Center for Advanced Analytics and Artifical Intelligence.

Why spend millions on multiple solutions?

Track and identify under-utilization of assets to optimize inventory/capital spend in all departments

Help prevent patient elopement and keep patients from being left in a hallway unattended

Improve operating room workflow by tracking and reporting patient transport and wait times

Optimize staffing levels by improving productivity and patient flow

Utilize environmental monitoring built into every tag to meet Joint Commission standards

Increase family satisfaction by enabling them to track their loved one’s care journey

See your potential annual savings with Intelligent Locations