Patient Tracking (pTrak)

Hospitals are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient.

Use Intelligent Locations to automatically track patients from the moment they walk in the door until they are discharged. This location-based data allows our customers to streamline workflows and increase patient satisfaction.

By tracking patients throughout their stay, our users are able to streamline operations and more efficiently design workflows.

Hospital Patient Tracking

Operating Room Optimization

  • Optimize patient flow throughout their surgical experience
  • Maximize Operating Room utilization
  • Organize your list of patients by surgery milestone and location

Improved Family Communication

  • Keep friends and family up to date with automatic location based updates directly to their device of choice
  • Give friends and family freedom beyond the waiting room and reduce their anxiety
  • Receive real-time feedback with satisfaction surveys filled out after surgery

Wander management (Elopement)

  • Get notified when an elopement risk patient leaves a defined area.
  • Decrease the risk incurred from elopement patients leaving a defined area

Data Analytics

  • Adjust staffing levels based on patient demand
  • Decrease Operating Room turnover times
  • Decrease Hospital Acquired Conditions with early detection monitoring

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