Asset Tracking (aTrak)

Mobile assets like PCA pumps, bladder scanners, telemetry packs, and sequential compression devices (SCDs) are over purchased and underutilized due to the fast-paced environment in healthcare.

  • Hospitals repurchase 20% of mobile assets every three years due to equipment shrinkage
  • Nurses spend 20% of their shift looking for equipment
  • The average mobile asset utilization is around 40%
  • Biomedical Engineering spends 50% of their time tracking down equipment

The constant downward pressure on reimbursement coupled with the expectation of immediate care from patients makes Intelligent Locations a must have in every hospital

With the Intelligent Locations platform you will immediately realize the benefit of your investment

Optimize Asset Utilization

  • Eliminate unnecessary capital expenditures
  • Double mobile asset utilization with data analytics
  • Dynamically set par levels based on department

Eliminating unnecessary find times

  • Our smartphone application gives location down to two feet
  • Increasing staff satisfaction by focusing on patient care

Decrease total cost of ownership

  • Accelerating preventative maintenance audits
  • Using Data Analytics gives hospital administration the ability to make better decisions

Find out your potential annual savings with Intelligent Locations

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