Real Time Location Services for Healthcare Professionals

Our Software as a Service platform gives our customers the ability to automatically track assets and patients throughout the entire hospital. We provide real-time data analytics for decision making and use predictive analytics to forecast the needs of a hospital, tailoring their budgets and personnel levels based on data.

Healthcare Optimization

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RTLS Platform

Intelligent Locations offers the most cost-efficient, healthcare focused, real-time location services (RTLS) platform on the market. There is no need to piece a solution together. Our comprehensive platform provides everything our users require - from installation to end-user analytics.

When our platform is implemented, we decrease the time it takes to locate equipment, move patients through the system and focus care teams. Saving significant time means dramatically decreasing the costs to deliver care. Intelligent Locations begins to pay for itself on day one!

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Our Main Services

Look no further for your RTLS Solutions. We’ve got you covered.

Automatically track mobile asset location and utilization throughout the entire facility.

Automatically track the location of patients throughout their hospital stay and automatically update family members with location based updates.

With our system, the possibilities are endless. Using existing hardware in place you can layer on additional services like wayfinding and temperature monitoring.

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