IoT innovation in healthcare operations

Intelligent Locations is something totally new in healthcare.

Our end-to-end, cost-effective, infinitely expandable platform tracks assets, people, and processes, and uses artificial intelligence to turn data into meaningful change.


What if you could ...
Reduce capital spend through accurate utilization data
Facilitate strategic asset planning and optimize workflows
Increase efficiency for nurses and clinical engineering
Monitor and report temperature data to meet government standards
Reduce family and patient stress and increase their satisfaction
... with one, cloud-based, IOT solution?

Get up and running in days, not months

Plug 'n' play
Easy and fast to implement, with no upfront installation costs

Low demand on IT
Only a WiFi SSID and password needed for installation

Easy adoption
Uses custom taxonomy so assets and locations fit hospital terms and culture


Using the Intelligent Locations’ platform, organizations can reap the benefit of first-year return on investment, even if they only track a certain number of assets or people. The value can then be reinvested in patient care.

At a 300-bed Midwest hospital, initial implementation of Intelligent Locations included placing beacons on 71 asset types on six floors.  In total, 300 gateways and 2,000 beacons were deployed in just three weeks. Fifty-four of the assets tracked were in the surgery area. Just looking at optimization of IV pump utilization alone, the savings were immediate and significant, with $389,000 saved in capital spending and $74,000 on equipment maintenance. Opportunity to further reduce IV pump inventory by 15% was identified, increasing overall savings. Clinical engineering turnaround time was also reduced by 45%, improving operational flow.

What could your annual savings be using Intelligent Locations?